Troy began as a singer-songwriter, making beats and appearing in poetry slams in Tulsa during the early 2000’s. In 2004, he decided to focus on music theory and production and began studying part-time at Tulsa Community College. In 2006, he began formal theory training, but soon shifted focus from theory and production into opera and classical voice. For over a decade he studied, tutored, and performed classically, culminating in the awarding to the degree of Bachelor of Music (B.M.) in May of 2015, and Master of Music with Honors (M.M.) in Vocal Performance in May of 2018—both from The University of Central Oklahoma.

While studying classically, Troy was not outside of the realm of jazz, soul, dance and blues. In 2013, he was a featured soloist in the Duke Ellington Sacred Masterworks Concert at Mitchell Hall Theater. He sang second bass in The University of Central Oklahoma’s Chamber Singers and was a regularly featured soloist during their jazz performances until the spring of 2017. In the summer of that year, Troy began the preliminary recording of songs in the recording tradition of his pre-Classical days. In October of 2018, he began recording the song Headache, which was released on November 2 of that year. Troy continues to privately teach students of piano, voice, and music theory. He has been featured vocalist on several recordings and runs a publishing company (Fuh Real Music) as a member of ASCAP.